Professional Taxi

Regular Berline

Our Mission

Véco’s mission is to provide the most efficient transportation service at a competitive price in our province. We’re trying to shake things up. In a good way! And we love mother nature. Véco stands for Véhicule Écologique (green car).

And that’s our dream: to be entirely carbon neutral in the near future. With a few electric cars in our fleet, we’re continuously expanding! As we like to say, the sky, and a healthy ozone layer, is the limit!

Transport Should Never Be Complicated.
And with Véco, it isn’t. Our transport app, currently available in Montreal is easy to use, reliable, safe and fair. No unfair pricing for our customers, no unfair conditions for our drivers.

Soon enough, we will be all over Quebec, allowing you to use your Véco app everywhere in the province! Within our app, you’ll be able to connect with local transportation service with our competitive pricing! Each concession retains its independence while allowing customers and drivers to benefit from the use of the platform in a vast distribution network.

Stay Safe

Each one of our drivers is carefully selected, meeting and exceeding Government requirements and laws. You’ll also be able to consult your drivers reviews and rate them after the ride. Since we also care about our drivers safety, they’ll be able to review you as well. Be nice!

Why Ride With Us?

Tired of surprise price surges? We hate it too. That’s why we are working hard to ensure the best price for our customers.
Reliability is our thing: we will bring you quickly and comfortably to anywhere in your city.

Safe, Affordable, Easy to Use
We’re building safer journeys for everyone, at a fair price while respecting our customers and our drivers. Seems like it’s possible to have it all! Oh, and we also take care of the environment with our small fleet of electric vehicles, continuously growing until we’ve reached our zero emission goal.
Give Véco a try!